Posted by: dizzywoodnewbie | October 12, 2009

No More Ellie

Hey everyone. I just wanted to announce that I’m no longer using my dizzywood account, but have given it to my sibling who has wanted a membership for a very long time. If you want to talk to me, just tell them so and they’ll go and fetch me. I know you probably don’t care – a lot of my friends from the time I played probably quit and there’s prolly now a lot of new people on here, but I don’t want anyone to bug my sister too much so I’m telling you about our new decision. Please be nice to her. (:
Thanks guys.

P.S. If it’s me, it’ll say my name in the status-y type thing under your name. Just so you know =P

Posted by: dizzywoodnewbie | July 23, 2009


I got swine flu so my site – – is still being remodelled.

If you’re looking for updated information on Dizzywood, go to that site and in a little bit it’ll be back up.

Sorry guys 😦

Posted by: dizzywoodnewbie | April 13, 2009


Well, lol, I’ve been working on something all morning. And now my eyes hurt. It’s not much but it looks awesome!! :mrgreen:

Please no stealing. Please no copying. Please no complaining. Please feel free to comment on it!

I think it’s awesome so far. ^_^

Posted by: dizzywoodnewbie | March 28, 2009


I’m remodeling the site. Until further notice, it’s down.

The snazzy new site that was supposed to be made by… what, last week? 😛 Is not going to happen. 😦 The web host keeps deleting it. I don’t know why. Apparently we’re not allowed to have as many pictures as is required for my site on there. The limit is about 15 unless we want to pay real money. We’re also not allowed to put links going off of the site (web hosting one) so I can’t link to Dizzywood, or even post the web address for it, which I need to do so I won’t get in trouble for copy right issues. Anyways… I apologize that you guys can’t get help from me right now. If you see me around Dizzywood say hi. :mrgreen: Frosty’s back, and has been for a while, and some other bloggers are still up and active, so I have no doubt you’ll have problems with your missions. 🙂


Posted by: dizzywoodnewbie | February 14, 2009

Magic Trick

Well, I guess I’ve mastered magic tricks, because I keep disappearing.

I’ll just get right to why I’m posting now, so you won’t have to read through all of that apologizing that bloggers usually write when they post after a long time…
I’ll be watching other blogs for Dizzywood reporters who are literate, report accurately, show character, and are kind in their comments and articles. This also includes people who help other players in-game. Why? I’m currently constructing a web site for all things Dizzywood. This will not be a blog, it will not be a fan site – it will be a resource for everything you may possibly want to know or find out about Dizzywood. This website will include;


Blinkies, icons, web layouts, pixels, avatars, graphics tutorials, and the like for use on your own web sites, chat boxes, myspace, etc.


Not only for graphics, but for missions, game play, customizing your Dizzywood account, and everything from the simplest features in Dizzywood to the most complex.

Chat Rooms

A safe and filtered chat room that can be only be accessed from the website for Dizzywood players to gather. Share hints, tips, the latest Dizzywood news and styles, your opinion, what’s new, friendly conversation, and more. We will have people there to ban “badly behaved” chatters, suspend, “mute”, etc, to ensure that chatting is safe.


for upcoming events in Dizzywood, newest fashion trends on the site, news, etc.


of past Dizzywood history, items, and such. This will be kind of like a cataloged history of everything that has ever been released in the world of Dizzywood. Of course, we will need a ton of help to put it all together, and it will take a lot of time, but wouldn’t it be neat to see what kind of items existed at the sites creation, compared to the snazzy new items now?

and more.

We will be pooling together information, ideas, and input to make everything for the site perfect. I will be seeking out the perfect staff, chat monitors, and the like for the next month. The site’s name will for now be confidential, meaning only those who I want to work on it will know about it. Like the Secret Service, Dizzywood style.

I will need a ton of help in the creation of this site. There will not be a leader in the site’s staff, we will all be equal in the reports, graphics making, and the like. Some of us will need to work in certain areas, and some of us will work in the others of this new site, all putting forth the same amount of effort. We all have our limits, so whatever you can do to help is great.

Please do not be offended if I do not pick you to work on this site. I will start with a small group, and gradually get larger, so you never know if you’ll step in later.

For now, I am getting the help of real life friends and family to make sure this site is the greatest quality. I know my blog isn’t that great, but I know that this new site will be amazing. Like nothing before in Dizzywood webbies.
I’ve already got the website address, and the bare beginnings of the site. All I need now is
you, if you’re ready for it.

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